What to Wear for a Photo Shoot...

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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What you need to know about me is that I LOVE taking photos of people doing all the things! relaxing, having fun with their families or friends

Chillin in the garden or park or at the beach sitting quietly with their significant other, friends deep in conversation gestating wildly or agreeing to disagree or kids reading a book that takes their imagination to far away places - (you can tell because it is written all over their faces)

What connects these scenarios is the interaction and connection between people, the pure joy that radiates from a persons face when they give out the biggest belly laugh! they throw their head back and just laugh out loud!

Take the best photos from a wedding for example, yes the posed ones are lovely (not my bag)...BUT the ones you remember, the ones you reminisce about, the ones that you smile about are the ones your friends and family took of them or you relaxed, having a proper laugh (my bag)

The ones that captured the love of the day are quiet moments you weren't expecting a photo to be taken (totally my bag)

The connection captured between people is witnessed in the body language, the way they move in vibration with one another, they are connected in a seemingly invisible to the eye energy, their own connection bubbles

You might be thinking OK, you have a point but what does this have to do with what I should wear to a photo shoot?

Well here's the thing...I decided to google - "What to wear to a photo shoot" and the result that came back for the most part was a template for making oneself smaller, less than, fit to whatever the current societal norms are and frankly it was a little triggering

1) Prints or patterns are a big no no

2) Dark colours are slenderising

3) Tone down bright colours

4) Slim fit jumpers

5) Plain

6) Beige

7) ...bleugghhhhhhh

Well I thought this is a bloody bunch of bollox!! So to answer the question...


I don't want you to "tone down" anything!!

I want you to radiate pure joy to show me the love and the connections you have with your family!

Dammit if you turned up to a photo shoot in your pyjamas I would applaud you, granted you might feel a bit cold...but if that is what you felt comfortable in and gave you joy to wear then that is what I will photograph you in!

Mums, your kids don't look at photos and critique what you are wearing, they just care that you are in them, and that is true no matter what age you are

When you look at photos of your parents or grandparents, you don't comment on their weight their clothes or how imperfect their hair or make up is, or if they are even wearing any make up - NO

You smile because of the memory the photo brings you, how you felt when that photo was taken!

Actually its pretty important to have physical photographs with you and your kids in around the house as it helps to strengthen the family bond

I'm not taking photos of your clothes, I'm not taking photos of your belly rolls or thick thig