Too Muchness

Hello its been a while since I wrote a blog so I am just jumping on to share a thought for the day / week

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I wanted to share an exercise I did with my photography mentor this week all about embracing your too muchness and it was really interesting for us as business owners

We all have different personalities, different words that we use to describe ourselves, my words for my personality were Chilled, Recovering Perfectionist, Quiet Observer & Encouraging (I am the biggest cheerleader you will ever meet)

I would love to know what three words you would use to describe your personality? Hit reply and email me or just let me know in the comments

But also have words that would describe our too muchness!

We think they are too much! For example, I am too quiet, too loud, too shy, too gushy, whatever you think you are too much of. For me its...too quiet, too caring, too excitable!

However, our potential clients, our ideal clients will LOVE our too muchness! Because they are our ideal clients, they love aspects of our personality, because they resonate with us, they are attracted to us

Generally our potential and ideal clients really want to see the authentic us, the genuine us, warts n all! We are the face of our business (whether we like it or not), they want to get to know us. People don't actually like perfect or false fronts, they want to see the real us, the true us, the personality and face being your product or service - I am trying harder to be more present in my business and show you more of me as you may have seen from my videos on Instagram - Click HERE if you haven't seen them yet

It builds true connections and relationships and that's what marketing and sales is all about in my view, building relationships, and connecting with people.

Also from a business sense potential clients do actually need to get to know like and trust you before they feel confident to make a buying decision so it makes good business sense to show your true and full personality

So lets all embrace our personality, our too muchness, and show it to the world. That's exactly what I do with my clients!

We work together to design a shoot that captures their personality, their brand and business personality in such a way to attract more clients, build their online presence and grow their business

So what would your too muchness be? What part of your personality do you think is too much? Well I am here to tell you, as my mentor told me, its not too much, its just perfect

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