Family Photo Shoots

Updated: May 4


So I have been thinking for while now that I would like to offer outdoor family photo shoots in 2021

I don’t know about you but to me, it feels important now more than ever that we record our families growth and changes to share them with the world or even just to reminisce in later years...

I was chatting with my sister by video call, as is the norm these days! and we were talking about how the youngest nephew Ben (who isn't even in this photo it was taken so long ago), although being very cheeky just now is gonna break some hearts when he gets to Harrys age, and then she mentioned that Harry is 17 and it stopped me in my tracks!

I could not believe that Harry, little cute gorgeous, shy Harry with beautiful curly hair whom gave such amazing hugs is 17!! In fact both kids to the left of this image are now 17 and it just blows my mind

Where had all that time gone?!

I think still had him pegged as 8 or something, of course the reality is he is still as gorgeous as ever at 17, but I did get those pangs off regret that I hadn’t taken nearly enough photos of all the kids and our family over the years as they were all growing up and that makes me a little sad

So with this in mind I am adding a couple of new options to my services -

Family Mini Shoot - £75

30 min shoot at your favorite outdoor location

5 digital images (with additional images to purchase)

If you would like to book a mini shoot then can do so through my app - HERE

You & Yours Photography Plan - £25 per month (£300 total)

Spread the cost of 4 Family Mini Shoots across the year

After 3, 6, 9 & 12 months I will send you an invitation to book in each of your 4 mini shoots

4 x 30 mins shoot at your favorite outdoor location every 3 months

20 x digital images (5 per shoot) with additional images to purchase

4 x Matted Prints - any 4 images of your choice as a bonus (only available after the 4th shoot)

If you would like me to capture You & Your family over the next 12 months you can sign up through my app - HERE

If you do have any questions at all just shoot me a message or you can email me at and I will get back to you asap!

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Tracy aka Equilibrium Ninja